Our technologies give continuos assessment in several segments of the value chain, helping to ensure sustainable practices and to connect small fishing communities to high-end markets.

Through technology, education and marketing we ensure a high quality traceable product
from the sea to the plate.

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Traceability solutions

There are several actions being developed to ensure the sustainability of marine resources, although catch documentation schemes (CDS) will only work if traceability could be assured by monitoring different segments in the supply chain. This is where technology plus creativity offer effective solutions; this is where Remora Technologies comes in.

our technologies


On one hand, we have overexploitation of marine resources and while some advances have been made to track WHERE the boats are fishing, innovation regarding data gathering of WHAT they are fishing has seldom been employed. On the other hand, consumers are becoming more aware of their actions and the fragile state of the Ocean; nevertheless, there are no products that connect responsible fisheries with this market.


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Tech Solutions for
Seafood Traceability

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