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Tech Solutions for
Seafood Traceability

We are ImagineXYZ, a technological start-up in Costa Rica, that developed Remora Technologies to assure traceability of seafood, from the sea to the plate.

REMORA won first prize on Fishackathon Costa Rica 2016, in the framework of the global event endorsed by the US Department of State seeking technology innovations to solve challenging marine issues affecting marine conservation and sustainability. The proposed solution counts on a functional prototype which technical concept has been validated by international NGO Marviva Foundation and the US Regional Environmental Hub for Central America, based in Costa Rica.

REMORA was also selected as finalist among 150 projects from around the world in Hardware.co, a prestigious hardware design accelerator in Berlin.

Fishackathon Costa Rica 2016

In 2016 was the first Fishackathon in Costa Rica, we decided to enter and won the first prize with the first prototype of Remora, a vessel monitoring system with alternative energy source and intelligent communication protocols.

Hardware.co, 2017

After the Fishackathon we got a small grant and started perfectioning the prototype, and in 2017 we were selected as finalist among 150 projects from around the world in Hardware.co one of the most prestigious hardware accelerators in Germany.

World Ocean Summit, 2017

Thanks to our participation in Hardware.com we got in conversations with potential allies and investors, from Costa Rica to Silicon Valley, passing through an invitation to World Ocean Summit 2017 in Acapulco.

First Prototype, 2018

After several months of perfectioning the hardware, finally Remora tracking device was ready to be manufacture at scale.

Remora manufacture, 2018

We started 2018 with a grant to manufacture a small batch of tracking devices. In parallel the smart scale started being developed with a parallel grant.

Pilot test, 2018

After several months of planning the installation of the tracking devices was done in october 2018 and we started testing and analyzing the design, communication and the behavior of the community towards the hardware and data.

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Our team is our greatest strength. Each team member disposes of unique capabilities and complementary experiences that give our startup a competitive edge. Each of us disposes of specific engineering skills.

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Tech Solutions for
Seafood Traceability

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